Frequently Asked Questions

What puts my vehicle's transmission at risk?

Heat, cold, extreme driving and suddenly dropping into gear. In short, the tougher you are on your vehicle, the harder your vehicle is on the transmission. Be sure to schedule regular maintenance on your vehicle. This will significantly reduce the likelihood of a breakdown.


My vehicle is not going into gear smoothly

When your transmission will not go into gear, don't try to force it or shift through varying gears to trick it into working. There's a good possibility the problem may not even be your transmission! I t could be related to something in the engine or the electrical systems, or even an issue with the internal computer. Be sure to get it checked out by a professional technician as soon as possible, as the problem could worsen in a matter of hours.


My transmission is making a funny noise

Ah, yes... the funny noise. It could be anything from a loose exhaust bracket to a major problem with the internals of your transmission. Because there are so many things that could be wrong, your best bet is to bring it to Affordable Transmission ASAP. The quicker you catch a small problem, the more likely you will be to save yourself from an expensive repair.


My transmission feels like it is slipping

A transmission slip is when your engine revs during a gear change. This could be caused by low fluid, an electrical issue, or some type of internal damage. It's best to have the problem diagnosed quickly, as things can go from minor to major quickly if untreated.


My Check Engine light is on

Check Engine light is considered a general warning indicator. It lets you know that your gas cap is loose, your engine is misfiring, or something is overheating. Newer vehicles monitor transmission performance as well, and when something is off, it will activate the Check Engine light. Whatever it's indicating, make sure you get the problem checked out. Ignoring the indicator could lead to a smoked transmission!


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