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Lucy Rosario: I am up and Running!

"You have transmission problems and we don't do transmission work here". Just hearing transmission and problems, my legs got weak, my hands began to sweat. Where do i go now? what do i do now? I can't afford this now! these and other ##%%& words came out of my mouth. As I was walking to my "almost dying" car, i saw a sign that read Affordable Transmission. I was a sign from GOD. I walked in there and met a friendly face behind the counter. I told him I was already diagnosed "by the shop across the way" and was told I have transmission problems. He took control of the situation and told me that he will scan my car to find out the problems I was having. After only about 5 minutes of waiting, he diagnosed my problem. transmission does have problems and will need to be opened to look at it closely. I wanted to faint at that point. Bill pulled out a picture chart of an actual transmission and gave me a history of how a transmission works and what my problems were.

So I asked him the important question. "so how much will all this cost"? drumroll please.... oh! ok not bad price. So I got an affordable quote. However, I didn't know how to pay for it. No savings, just spent my last check. Bill recommended getting a title loan against my car and referred me to Mariner Finance in Greenacres to see if they can help me with a loan to do the transmission repair.

I s/w with mariner and they helped me get the financing i needed for my transmission repair. I got a car rental from Enterprise for $25 per day (which bill negotiated) since my car was being repaired at AFFORDABLE TRANSMISSION.

Ok my day was looking up! until I got another call from Bill. We found additional problems with your transmission, it needs to be rebuilt and electronic work done on it. Ok my day is NOT looking up!

But Bill said I rather you rebuilt it then just fix one or two parts and have to see you back here again soon. I knew he was right, but how the hell do i pay for it. Bill came to the rescue. He will use the maximum amount i was financed and i only had to come up with $200 out of pocket. I think i could handle that I thought.

Anywho... the work began and I am a happy! Happy! girl. I took my "baby girl" (car)  to Lake Okeechoobee for a day of R & R... happy together again thanks to Affordable Transmission.

I want to thank Bill, and all the mechanics at Affordable. They were easy to talk to, very professional and I felt I was at home. The car is running better than ever and gears shift like a new car.

As I waited in the waiting room, I was offered by an employee there to buy me something at McDonald's. I met Zoey, the security dog... cute as a button.

I highly recommend Affordable, don't want to see them anytime soon... lol... but if I ever have any futher car problems in the future, baby girl and I will be visiting "home" again.

Thank you Bill, staff & Zoey, for making me and "baby girl" feel welcomed.

Happy New Year!


Friday, 16 January 2015
Ralph Spadafore ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ): service

 .to whom concerned: name is Ralph Spadafore and I would like to complement Charles Rose for wonderful customer service, he is professional courteous as well as very knowledgeable and efficient. My car was under warranty for having the transmission rebuilt and I had a problem last week and Charles did not give me a hard time whatsoever, he took care of business, took care of the problem and got me on the road again.

My thanks to him.

Ralph Michael Spadafore 

702 201 2172


Saturday, 29 November 2014
Linda Hewell: Thanks Affordable Transmission

I was experiencing many problems with my SUV, but the fact that I didn’t know that much about

cars made me doubt where to take my car. One day I was driving Linton and I saw Affordable

Transmission. I was so lucky that I went in! After a short and vehicle inspection, the technician

told me that my SUV was having transmission and engine problems. He gave me a quote about

the costs. In fact, the prices were very affordable. I left my car and came back for it the next day.

When I drove it again, I found that my car problems were resolved. Yeahh!! Thanks to Affordable

Transmission specialists, I saved time and money!

Monday, 12 May 2014
Robert Jones: Great Service!

Living in the neighborhood gave me the opportunity to select from different options around.

Nevertheless, a good friend of mine had recommended me this store. Thanks to God I took my

car to Affordable Transmission. From the moment I got in the Delray Shop, I was attended with a

great degree of courtesy and friendship. I was looking for a basic check up service for my truck, but

those guys treated me super. I strongly suggest visit this shop!

Monday, 12 May 2014
Carlos Molina ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ): Servicio de van

Gracias por el servicio, la van funciona mucho mejor.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013